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Ceviche King

In collaboration with the Trade Commission of Peru in New York and The Mexican Tourism Board, along with Cusqueña Beer, we hosted a ceviche tasting event that spotlighted New York's top Latin-American chefs, allowing attendees to savor a variety of ceviche creations and vote for the Ceviche King of New York.


Pisco Party

Our inaugural Pisco Party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, brought a slice of Peru to one of New York City's trendiest neighborhoods. Together with Campo de Encanto and Macchu Pisco, we offered an exclusive Pisco cocktail selection, complemented by live Peruvian jazz, encapsulating the essence of a Peruvian jarana.


Mezcal Night

Partnering with “Mezcal from Oaxaca,” we introduced the enchanting world of Mezcal to the East Coast. The event, hosted at Casa Mezcal in the East Village, presented an opportunity to sample an array of mezcal varieties, celebrating the spirit’s diversity.


Other Experiences

Our photo gallery offers a glimpse into our diverse cultural events and promotional activities, aimed at a varied audience. By combining live music with authentic culinary experiences, we proudly showcase our commitment to celebrating the rich cultural mosaic of Latin American and Spanish cultures.

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