Frequently Asked Questions

What is EyestormMarket?

EyestormMarket is a New York-based marketing and cultural agency dedicated to promoting and representing Latin American and Spanish gourmet food brands. We offer comprehensive brand representation and market entry strategy services to help your products thrive in the U.S. market.

What problem does EyestormMarket solve?

We tackle the challenge many brands face when introducing their products to the U.S. market, such as at trade shows where distributors and retailers might hesitate to buy from unfamiliar foreign brands. By creating visibility through our online stores, supported by strategic marketing efforts and brand representation with key industry figures, we ensure your brand is seen, understood, and appreciated by American consumers, distributors, and retailers.

What services do you offer?

We provide a range of services including selling your products on, a curated collective e-commerce store highlighting premium Latin American and Spanish gourmet products, and GourmetBodega Amazon Store, a collective store leveraging Amazon’s extensive reach to enhance your brand’s presence with consumers. Additionally, we represent your brand with distributors and retailers in the U.S. from our New York office.

How do you help brands enter the U.S. market?

We create visibility and exposure for your brand in the American market through our e-commerce platforms, supported by digital strategies, promotional marketing, and educational initiatives designed to boost brand awareness. As your on-the-ground advocate, we facilitate interactions with key industry players. This comprehensive approach ensures your products resonate with American consumers, distributors, and retailers, providing the necessary visibility for successful market penetration.

How does EyestormMarket differ from traditional distributors and retailers?

Unlike traditional distributors and retailers, we do not purchase and resell products for our own profit. Instead, we act as your strategic partner, offering flexible, membership-based pricing tailored to your needs. This pricing covers our comprehensive services, including brand representation, marketing strategies, logistical support, and participation in our e-commerce stores ( and GourmetBodega Amazon Store).

What is the benefit of being part of the and GourmetBodega Amazon Store?

Joining our collective stores gives you access to Amazon’s robust infrastructure, extensive reach, and loyal customer base. Featuring your brand on provides an additional dynamic entry point into the U.S. market, boosting your visibility and access. We manage compliance, logistics, and customer service for both platforms. Our business model ensures maximum visibility and growth opportunities for your brand, while shared costs among the collective make it affordable for new brands.

What is the process for getting my products on and the Amazon Store?

Our process involves evaluating your brand and products, ensuring compliance with U.S. regulations, and then integrating your products into our platforms. We handle logistics, fulfillment, and customer service to ensure a smooth market entry.

How do I know if my brand is a good fit for EyestormMarket?

If you manage a gourmet food brand from Latin America or Spain and aim to expand into the U.S. market, we can help. Additionally, we are open to working with brands from other countries to introduce unique flavors to the U.S. market. Contact us to discuss your brand and how we can assist in achieving your goals.

Can EyestormMarket buy my product and resell it?

No, we do not buy and resell products for our own profit. Instead, we act as your strategic partner, selling your products on your behalf. Our focus is on enhancing your brand’s visibility and reach through our digital platforms and marketing efforts. We represent you with key industry players and manage all aspects of market entry and growth to ensure your brand’s success.

Can EyestormMarket create and manage an Amazon and an online store exclusively for my brand?

Yes, we can arrange that. At EyestormMarket, we can manage your brand’s presence on Amazon and, if required, create a dedicated online store for your products. While we won’t act as a traditional distributor or retailer, we will handle the sales process on behalf of your brand, ensuring you maintain control and benefit from our strategic expertise.

Can EyestormMarket represent my brand independently, without being part of the and the GourmetBodega Amazon Store?

Yes, we can. At EyestormMarket, we offer the option to represent Latin American and Spanish gourmet food brands in the U.S. market independently of our online stores. Our services include comprehensive brand development, strategic marketing, and logistical support. We focus on connecting your brand with consumers, distributors, and retailers, ensuring a strong and successful market presence.

Can EyestormMarket handle exporting the products from the country of origin and importing them into the USA?

We facilitate the importation process exclusively for products featured on our GourmetBodega online stores. As the Importer of Record (acting on behalf of your brand, not as buyers), we handle all compliance and logistics for bringing your products into the U.S. This includes navigating regulatory requirements, ensuring FDA compliance, and managing customs clearance. You are responsible for sending your product to the U.S., and we manage the importation logistics from there. Clients must cover all expenses involved in the entire operation.

What are the costs associated with your services?

We offer flexible, membership-based pricing tailored to your brand’s specific needs. For detailed information on pricing, please contact us directly.

What makes EyestormMarket different from other marketing agencies?

EyestormMarket stands out by offering comprehensive brand representation and visibility through our GourmetBodega online stores. We act as your strategic partner with flexible, membership-based pricing. Our approach solves the visibility challenge for foreign brands by creating awareness through strategic marketing, sales at our stores, and representation with key industry players, ensuring your brand is understood by American consumers, distributors, and retailers.

How do I get started with EyestormMarket?

To get started, visit our website at Eyestorm.Market and fill out our contact form. You can also reach out to Chris Yong-Garcia directly at to discuss your brand’s needs and how we can help you succeed in the U.S. market.

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